Suman malagkit steamed in banana leaves with coconut caramel sauce is the perfect appetizer or dessert. This Philippine sticky rice is soft, chewy and delicious with a rich creamy sauce. This is seriously addictive!


I saw this suman malagkit recipe on The Skinny Pot and knew I had to try it ASAP. Her photographs looked amazing; I was itching to sink my teeth into my own batch of this classic Filipino delicacy.

But while I had all the ingredients in my pantry plus frozen banana leaves in the freezer, I was somewhat disappointed that the mango was out of season, because really, what better way to complement a flavorful suman than sweet, juicy chunks of this fruit? Salted coconut caramel sauce, that’s it!


Notes on Ingredients
Sticky rice is the local name for “malakkit” in the Philippines. It is also known as sweet rice or sticky rice. It has a white grain that becomes shiny, translucent and sticky when cooked.
Sugar is used to sweeten glutinous rice.
Salt balances the sweetness.
Coconut milk. Freshly squeezed coconut milk tastes better, and canned coconut milk is a convenient alternative. You can also try the powder form and reconstitute according to package directions.
Brown sugar – gives the sauce a richer caramel flavor and amber color.
Service recommendations
Suman malagkit is usually served with brown sugar, latik, caramel sauce or juicy mango garnish. This is a hearty snack or dessert that goes great with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

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